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Our history

During May 1992 Timber Production, LLP was established. English company Pricebatch, Ltd. and its representatives helped two first-time entrepreneurs to start the production of wooden comb.

September 1992 the President of Body Shop, PLC., Anita Roddick visits the just born venture. The slogan “From Siberia with Love” which was originally Mrs. Roddick’s idea had become the company’s brand identity for all the years to come.>

After eight months of hard work in 1993 the first shipment of wooden (beech) combs was sent to the United Kingdom. During this time the decision was made to use Siberian birch as a main raw material for the Russian market production. After this point, birch has become the main raw material in the company’s production process.

Massager with six balls, which was developed in 1994 had become the main product sold to many international markets, as well as domestically. The production of this complex massager gave the company invaluable experience in woodworking and organizing the manufacturing process.

The memorable line was crossed in 1995, when the company produced its first million combs. The contract with the forestry department of rural community Kosikha was signed. During the coming years this company became the main and most reliable supplier of raw birch material for Timber Production, LTD.

The Body Shop, LTD. initiated the certification of all products purchased from its suppliers. Following this decision in 1997 the first international inspection under FSC was initiated. Under the coordination efforts of Pricebatch, LTD. the Kosikha forestry department and Timber Production, LLC began preparation for forest resources usage inspection.

Despite the economic market crash in Russia in 1998, this year was a success for Timber Production. The manufacturing was moved to the new, more spacious facilities, which consequently has led to a significant increase in production and developing of new product lines – swabs, abrasive pedicure saws, wooden soap dishes e.t.c.

After three years of hard preparation work, in March 2000 Kosikha forestry department became the first Russian company to receive the international certificate of responsible forestry usage of Forestry Stewardship Council and Timber Production, LLC. – supply chain certificate.

This year Timber Production, LLC started the production of wooden caps for bottle corks. The first millions of products were sent to Germany under the terms of the signed contract.

The representative of Fair Trade Union of Body Shop, PLC visits Timber Production, LLC. The company is working towards developing new product lines. In 2000 the new products were introduced to the market – wooden saws for manicure, oval wooden massager and wooden shovels.

Timber Production, LLC as a member of trading partnership Altai – UK is taking part in establishing “Community Social Fund”. The aim of the fund is financial help and support of social facilities in Barnaul city and Kosikha region.

In 2002 several new types of wooden massagers were developed. The development of these types of products was due to customers’ need for using natural and environment friendly products. Starting from this year the company begins to develop a whole new line of products – wooden massagers.

The singularity of the company’s range of products, the lack of similar manufacturing companies and machinery is continuously stimulates the management to search for new ideas and technologies. In 2004 the innovation potential of the company was marked by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s diploma.

The long term business relationship with Body Shop International, PLC. taught the company’s management to maintain the stable quality of its products at the very high level. Starting from the year 2005 the demand for the company’s products on the inner Russian market is growing, Timber Production, LLC. supplies its products to the shelves of big chain stores.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary the company is finally formed as a solid business unit, which produces wooden accessories. Fulfilling the growing market demand and finding new business opportunities has become the main goal of Timber Production, LLC.