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Торговое партнерство

The initiative of international certification was proposed by Body Shop International, PLC. and was supervised by Pricebatch “Altay-UK”, Ltd. After three years of hard preparation work Russian companies Kosikha Forestry Central Administration, Kosikha Forestry, LLC and Timber-Production, LLC successfully passed the international inspection of sustainable and inexhaustible forestry use and “transparency” of the supply chain.

In March of 2000 Kosikha Rural Community Forestry was the first Russian company to receive the international certificate of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), proving the sustainable forestry usage. Meanwhile Timber Production, LLC as well as Pricebatch “Altay-UK”, Ltd. passed the certification of transparency of its supply chain.

Nowadays some of the big Russian forestry industry companies in different regions received certificates of the same kind. But the honors of being the first Russian small scale business to pass the Forestry Stewardship Council certification stay with Timber Production, LLC.