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Trading partnership

Social responsibility is the essential part of the trading partnership between Russia and United Kingdom. All of the companies, involved in the production process are maintaining social awareness and are continuously involved in the social improvement work at all of the Company’s production facilities, along with Kosikha Forestry.

The member companies of the trading partnership of United Kingdom and Russian Federation:

  • The Body Shop International, PLC – retailer and manufacturer of cosmetic products. The main customer of Timber Production and founder of the Community Trade project.
  • Pricebatch “Altay-UK”, Ltd. – coordinator of all trade projects and international certification under the Forest Stewardship Council, administrator of the community fond of the Partnership.
  • Timber Production, LLC – the manufacturer and supplier of the wooden products.
  • Kosikha Forestry Central Administration and Kosikha Forestry, LLC. – situated in the Kosikha district of Altayskiy kray. The raw birch timber suppliers of Timber Prodcution, LLC.

The Community Trade project is a part of the Body Shop’s Fair Trade program. This program aims at non-economical profits for all the companies participating in this Program.

That is the reason why all the companies of the Community Trade Project established the social responsibility fund and regularly make contributions so that all of the ongoing social projects in the communities would be carried out properly and without any delays.

The following social institutions received financial support from the Trading partnership of Russian Federation and United Kingdom:

Years 1993-2000 



Altay region tuberculosis of bone treatment hospital


Orphanage for children from vulnerable families


Maternity clinics


Orphanage №9 

2001 – 2007 years


Kosikha rural community

Computer equipment for the Middle school classroom


Senior, disabled and sick patients care unit

Kosikha rural community

Station wagon for the local culture agency


Medical and rehabilitation center for children and teenagers, exposed to drugs and alcohol

Kosikha rural community



Children born with growth abnormalities care unit

Kosikha rural community

Sports and physical culture school

How the social community project and the subject of financial aid are being selected?

Pricebatch, LTD. is organizing and administrating the project. Evaluation and final selection of the subject of the financial aid is being carried out together with the social sector government authorities of the Barnaul and Kosikha districs.

The suggested projects then are discussed with the top management of all companied of the Trading partnership. The final decision on the project is made in the UK where The Body Shop PLC., and the Pricebatch, LTD. form the social responsibility fund.

Detailed examples

After all the arrangements were made with the Barnaul city authorities, the senior, disabled and sick patients care unit of the Hospital №2, Oktyabrskiy district of the Barnaul city was appointed as the project the year 2001 and financial funds were transferred to:

  • The mini-laundry unit, which the unit was in desperate need was purchased and installed;
  • New beds and bed-side tables were purchased;
  • New window curtains;
  • Sofas for the patient’s recreational room;
  • New wide screen TV set with remote control;
  • New matrasses and bed sheets were purchased;
  • хBathrobes, sleep wear and indoor footwear for patients.

During 2002-2003 after arrangement with government authorities financial aid was transferred for the local government program “Life without drugs”:

  • Creation and publication of the special literature aiming at preventing child drug and alcohol abuse;
  • Providing repair work and equipment for the Medical and rehabilitation center for children and teenagers, exposed to drugs and alcohol (ul.Matrosova, Zheleznodoroghniy district, Barnaul);
  • Purchase of expensive diagnostic equipment – liquid chromatograph for the needs of Altay state drugs dispensary unit;
After the company received the FSC certificate of the responsible forestry usage the company’s social projects also stretched to the Kosikha district, where the suppliers of the raw birch are located:
  • Local district middle school received 10 PCs and the computer classroom was quipped there;
  • Local district hospital received the ambulance, which it was in desperate need;
  • Local district culture agency received station wagon for its specific needs.

After the arrangement with Kosikha government authorities the kindergarden-orpanage in Nalobikha rural community of Kosikhinskiy district became one of the biggest social projects of the 2004. The wood-sawing production line is in Nalobikha rural community. The financial aid was transferred to arrange full reconstruction of the buildings and all the necessary equipment purchase..